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We do this through personal and business coaching for those facing life and career decisions, and though consulting advice for those wishing to create, or upgrade, their own business

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About once every ten years, almost all adults reach a point in their life when they feel that they need to make a choice, or do something to move forward. This occurs most commonly at one of the following times:
- on completing a phase of studying when a next-step career choice needs to be made,
- when something has happened in a relationship that leaves one feeling a little lost,
- after some years of work experience when a change in the job or firm occurs, or there is growing
sense that 'This is not how I want to spend the rest of my life!',
- after a period away from work for some reason (parenthood, for example), or
- when retirement looms but one still wants/needs to work



40 years experience:
- as corporate executive specializing in strategy & operations;
- as entrepreneur & consultant
- as coach & teacher;
- as parent of seven children
- as someone with experience of living/working in 11 countries
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