Services - coaching & consulting

How we can help

Firstly: talk to us. There is no obligation. Almost everyone feels uncertain, at first, about discussing their personal concerns with a stranger. We understand that. Be assured that talking to someone - like us - completely independent can often be a great relief. Try it. You have nothing to lose, and much to gain.
Our first discussion is completely without charge. We will talk, preferably face-to-face, though location may make this impractical. We often use Skype or Google Hangouts. Sometimes by phone, though it is often best if we can see each other.
During that first talk we will decide together if we can help. If 'yes', then we will decide together when, how, and how often we will talk. You may stop at any time.
Be assured: all conversations are completely private and confidential.
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Availability: online or face-to-face - you choose

Based in the South of France, Ken is available for discussions face-to-face, or online. Most initial discussions are over Skype, or telephone, though face-to-face is preferred. Once we have agreed to work together, we can choose to meet in the most effective way for your needs. If you prefer Ken can travel to wherever you are (though travel and related costs may be for your account).

A few examples of projects undertaken for consulting clients

Start-ups: concept evaluation, business planning, financing, operations planning & implementation. Re-ups Ken's term for change to existing business): business process re-engineering, strategic re-evaluation, market/demand forecasting & business modeling, re-financing and operations reviews, executive coaching.

Industry experience

  • Business consulting

  • Tertiary education

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Furniture manufacturing

  • Meat processing

  • Soft-drinks production

  • Online retail (goods & services)

  • Business printers & copiers

  • Yacht brokerage

  • Technical writing

  • Bulk foodstuffs trading

  • VC - due diligence

  • Aviation - freight

  • Women's fashion

  • Online learning